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I'm Jack Bauer,

and today is the longest day of my life.

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Name:Jack Bauer
Birthdate:Feb 18, 1966
"I'm Jack Bauer, and today is the longest day of my life."

Name: Jack Bauer
DOB: 18 February 1966
Birthplace: Santa Monica, California
Family: Wife: Teri Bauer (deceased), Daughter: Kim Bauer, Son-in-Law: Stephen, Granddaughter: Teri
Bio: Jack Bauer (born 18 February 1966)—an American serviceman and later, a federal agent—was responsible for saving countless American citizens from potentially devastating terrorist attacks on many occasions.

He took a leadership role in various covert and undercover missions, and served as both Special Agent in Charge and Director of Field Operations of CTU Los Angeles. His dedication to keeping U.S. citizens safe led him to make some deep personal sacrifices. Jack lost his job, his family, his friends, and, for a period of nearly two years, his freedom. He has shown his willingness to sacrifice his life on six different occasions, but each time his sacrifice ultimately proved to be unnecessary..

Jack was born in Santa Monica, California on February 18, 1966. Jack was never close to his father or his brother Graem. He was however close to his father's butler and chief servant Sam. In high school, Jack rode motorcycles and often surfed for fun. Jack's family expected him to become a leader in BXJ Technologies, his father's company, but he chose his own course, which caused him to become estranged from Phillip and Graem. Before being recruited into CTU, he was a member of the 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, and of the Los Angeles Police Department's SWAT team. He also did fieldwork for the Central Intelligence Agency as a case officer in Clandestine Services. Jack was recruited into CTU by his mentor and then-Director of Field Ops, Christopher Henderson. Jack was re-activated by the Delta Force and led an assault team into Kosovo to assassinate Victor Drazen, the "Butcher Of Kosovo". The mission, "Operation Nightfall", was cleared by then-Senator David Palmer. A member of Jack's team was Stephen Saunders, on loan to CTU from Britain's MI6. Jack later discovered evidence that Henderson had sold classified intelligence to defense contractors. Henderson maintained his innocence but it was too late; Henderson lost his job with CTU and his friendship with Jack. Jack was integral in taking down many corrupt CTU agents. After one such case Jack became distant and withdrawn, leading him to separate from Teri six months during which Jack had an affair with Nina Myers. Jack moved back in with Teri and Kim and the couple began working to repair their marriage. Kim remained very resentful towards her mother even after Jack moved back in.

Disclaimer: Jack Bauer isn't mine, nor am I him. I am not that badassed actually compared to Jack Bauer's awesomeness? I am lame. Jack is from the former Fox show 24 and belongs to his creators Joel Surnow and Robert Cochran. Muse and mun are both over 18. Jack is open for verses and I don't mind OCs. I don't like predetermined relationships however to be forced on me. I do like to build up the CR. Jack is unlikely to jump your muse right away though anything is possible if the connection is right. Jack can live in either NYC or LA.
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